4 Things to Consider When Planning an Offsite

March 2, 2024

Offsites are great ways to motivate your team but make sure you take into consideration the following 4 things when planning your offsite. This will keep them from being boring and ineffective and make sure your team walks away from the offsite with newfound energy for your company.

Try Something New

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine when work gets busy. This can cause you and your team to lose focus on what’s important. An offsite is a great time for your team to try something new and have some fun. There are many things you can do at an offsite that is out of the ordinary, such as playing a game together or doing some hands-on work with your teammates.

This might not seem like it would be productive, but it will actually help your team think more creatively about the tasks they need to complete. Plus, by trying something new, everyone will get excited about going back to work and putting their new skills into practice.

Hire a coach to facilitate the offsite or plan your own agenda

A coach can be a great addition to an offsite. If you’re looking for someone to facilitate the offsite and help you with some of the planning, a coach is an excellent choice. A coach can also provide valuable insight on how to plan your agenda.

The other option is to plan your own agenda. With this option, it’s important that you have a clear goal in mind before planning your agenda. For example, if you want team members to work together more effectively and come up with creative solutions, then you need to make sure those are the objectives in your agenda so that everyone has a clear understanding of what needs to happen at the offsite. You also need to make sure all participants are on board with what will take place during the offsite before planning anything else. It’s hard enough getting people together for an offsite without having them show up expecting something different from what was planned!

Consider an out-of-town venue for your offsite

One of the first things to consider when planning your offsite is the venue. When you’re looking for an out-of-town venue, consider getting a team together and going on a retreat. Have everyone pitch in a small fee and then use that money to rent a cabin or hotel for the week. This will allow your employees to be more relaxed and re-energized.

Another option is to have your offsite at a conference center or resort. These venues are perfect for long weekends since they don’t require you to stay all week. You can also choose from different locations like San Diego, Texas, or Poconos. These options have been popular among companies who are interested in trying something new for their offsite meetings.

Take a break from technology for a day

One of the first things you should do when planning an offsite is to take a break from technology. The average person spends at least five hours a day on social media, emails, and other technology-related activities. An offsite can allow your team members to unplug for a day and relax in a more natural environment. In fact, people have reported feeling less stressed after taking time away from their phone or computer screen.

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